Date de l'evenement: 6/02/18

Many studies have now demonstrated that lesions to, or stimulation of,
the vestibular system, can alter neuronal activity in the hippocampus and striatum.
Vestibular modulation of these areas of the brain is known to affect
the development of both spatial memory and motor plans for action.
Nonetheless, we still have a limited understanding of how vestibular input
modulates hippocampal and striatial activity, and through what routes of
synaptic transmission. This presentation will describe new studies in which
we and researchers at the University of Caen have investigated the effects of
selective electrical stimulation of different parts of the rat vestibular labyrinth
on electrophysiological activity in different subregions of the hipppocampus.
Other related studies have investigated the identity of the hippocampal neurons
affected by vestibular stimulation. In separate studies we have explored the effects
of electrical stimulation of the rat vestibular labyrinth on single neuron
activity and c-Fos expression in the striatum. In related studies we have
investigated the effects of similar vestibular stimulation on neurotransmitter
release using in vivo microdialysis. We hope that these studies will contribute
to a better understanding of how vestibular information is used by the hippocampus
and striatum, both separately and together.

Date et heure : le 06/02/2018 à 14h00

Lieu : salle PS1-080 (PFRS)